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Monday, 5 March 2012

What a load of old bull...

We seem to be lucky in these 'ere parts as there have been sightings of bullfinch, not common to the Fylde allegedly (said a spokesperson).

I think I mentioned in an earlier post, Martin had popped around and while talking and 'birding' outside we clocked two or three bullfinch in the trees nearby – well they have been making a pleasing return, or that is I have been out checking up on them. They are a devil to find and see and take some time and patience. I have seen two males and two females, so I am guessing two pairs. So the first set of photos attached are indicative of how difficult it is to capture these rascals 'on film'. They are deep in the undergrowth and difficult to get a focus upon, so fleeting images only I'm afraid, again record images.

spot the birdie....

I was incredibly lucky in 2009 (before I was birding and blogging) to have two bullfinches visit the garden daily between August and September, often two or three times a day. The second set of images record that fact. Again difficult to photograph and I didn't have the equipment I have now, nor the camera! Incredibly the female approached to within twelve feet (four metres?) of the patio windows – as you can see, feeding on black sunflower seeds. Sadly there has only been one or two fleeting appearances in the last three years, feeding in the garden on honeysuckle berries but as I finish this I am off out to see if I can see the local bullfinches once more. I fear they will disappear again but hopefully in the coming months, I'll manage one or two better images. Everything's crossed.


Christian said...

Nice to meet you today Geoff, hope you got a sighting? Pesky Lancashire Shorties!

Geoff Gradwell said...

Hi Christian
Pleased to meet you sir, thought we would one day and look forward to seing you again – no sighting, but there is a chap who turns up and lets his dog run riot all over the common and sure enough he was there again later that night – I guess he doesn't know/realise/care it is an offence to dsturb nesting birds.
see you soon. Good luck.