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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

There is a 'Jay' in January

Albeit one I photographed last autumn! I just never got around to posting these, (I was busy archiving and deleting nonsense, of which there was a great deal... a bit like the internet, some interesting stuff but 90% rubbish!).

Anyhooo, as usual, years in the making and hours and hours spent twiddling my err, thumbs (arthritis). 

(As always double-click the image for enlarged slide show)

The first image, not great but I liked the way half the bird was in sun and half in shadow... a perfect example in one photo of the variation in plumage created by the light; it's breast a 'warm-pink' and back a 'grey-pink'.

The second image again taken on an overcast day and so we have a dull 'grey-pink'. I watched this character burying its autumn booty, here underneath some moss. Normally the Jay is an elusive creature and you do well getting a glimpse... did I mention all the hours sitting around doing nowt? This amiable fellow(ess) spent a couple of minutes hopping around just in range of the lense although I'd have preferred it a bit closer.

Photos 3 and 4 speak for themselves and I was there at the right time. Did I mention all the hours sitting around doing nowt? (Also partly why the posts on here diminished, I was spending days and hours sat waiting for this rascal... which first began around 2008 I think). The last two photos were captured just as the sun was setting and the sunlight cast a warm orange glow across everything. What do they call it 'the magic hour', morning and evening? I also couldn't believe my luck as this Jay sat there cocking it's head, I do believe at the sound of the shutter noise as I rattled of some photos, and the two images seem to capture this 'listening'. 

If you half close your eyes or squint at picture four you can understand why Jays are pink: amazingly a perfect colour for disappearing into the autumnal background colours – I don't know about the rest of the year! And sadly recently I have only caught the odd glimpse of the Jay despite the fruitless hours spent over the last four weeks or so. All in all worth the effort and I hope worth the wait for the post. 

Soon be spring... did I say this weather is driving me mad? I feel a roadtrip coming on... anything to get away from this bloddy awful Lancashire weather. 


Martin Jump said...

Brilliant images,brilliant bird,you must be very happy with these images of a bird that isn't easy to get close too,well worth all the time and effort. Very well done.

Christian said...

Lovely images Geoff. I have been hoping to catch up with these guys myself, as yet to no avail.