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Friday, 6 January 2012

A Car Park Surprise

Greetings for a enjoyable, safe and prosperous 2012 dear reader.

For once in the right place at the right time as these photos of a Grey Wagtail were actually taken in an 'unfinished' private car park. As always (nearly always) I had the camera with me and was able to creep up on this Grey Wagtail in the car. An unexpected pleasure. (Again low light levels meant 99% of the photos were soft, out of focus and or blurred, especially as you know Wagtails are just that, wagging their tails  and for ever bobbing and weaving – bah humbug. Must do better this year).

(I think everyone now knows, that by double clicking an image opens larger photos slide show).

reflection – nearly
turning leaves - soft and out of focus... gggrrrgghhhhh

These images are all the same bird and it was 'paddling' in some puddles, turrning over damp leaves – I have no idea what it was finding to feed upon, if anything. I was attempting to capture it with it's own reflection in the water to illustrate the bright yellow under-belly etc. 

As you can see, the sun came out once and what a difference it makes! Of course what I should add is, the photography is a bonus, just watching and being so close to this character was a joy to behold and lightens the heart: however...

This constant local wet, miserable, grey, overcast weather is driving me nuts... now I understand why people sod off to Spain and the like. Personally I have always fancied Baja (California) but I see there are proposals for large scale developments even down there. Bah humbug! Perhaps Manley Beach (Sydney) or Freetown or somewhere... (hopefully somewhere where there are no mobile telephones or the internet, "hello, HELLO, HELLO can you hear me? I'll be home in two minutes"... garump! I blame it on the weather... when of course it's just me, miserable old sod).


Martin Jump said...

Geoff,It's easy to get to self critical of your own images,but there is nowt wrong with these they are all wonderful.A lovley bird to see and photograph.Very well done.

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff.Great start to your New Year.....Bonny bird beautifully captured. As you say it is just being there and observing that really matters. All the very best for 2012.. No doubt bump into you along the way.

Barrie Tyrer said...

Could I add your blog to my site www.lancashirewildlife.org.uk in the Bird Watching Blogs section
Yours Barrie Tyrer