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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fylde Swans

It's been a funny old winter, or maybe it's just me (more likely) and I don't seem to have 'done the rounds' quite the same as previous years – either way I haven't 'been in touch' with quite as many Fylde Swans as I would have liked, maybe there is time and I'm afraid I'm not in the mood to wax lyical on this post either, a bit weary – so quite simply here are some images of Swans taken from across the Fylde from the beginning of December over Wyre Whoopers and more recently the Mutes at Newton Marsh (12 at lat count). I'm disappointed I haven't seen any Bewicks this year.. perhaps Pete or somone might tell us all about their migration et al... we are so lucky here on the Fylde and all too often take it for granted. The one thing I will say is considering how big these birds are it is no wonder they have such a large wingspan! Magic.

not great pics but hopefully 'capture' the essence... (as alwyas double-click for larger images in slide show)

distant fly past, that came in overhead

Whooper over Lancaster Road

and away...

minor swabble

Mute Swans coming in... Newton Marsh 
in sychronisation

bath time

I just loved the light on the spray


Martin Jump said...

I've got to agree Geoff the bathing mixed with the light makes these magical images.

Christian said...

Hi Geoff

I really love 'Synchronisation' mate. Nice movement in the bathing swans.

Bye for now.