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Monday, 21 November 2011

Wigeon and stuff

Again I am afraid these are historical images, the Wigeon taken on 13 November...

 Juvenile Pied Wagtail – in a tree?

'burning bush'


chasing Hilda Ogden

fly by

more fly by

whoops by fly

before settling.... eventually

bathed in morning light

male wigeon

chas and dave

one small step...

More images from me travels...

Something you don't see very often – a Pied Wagtail in a tree, while over at Newton Marsh one evening I came across the 'burning bush' and very little else. 

One day I was up at the crack of dawn at Newton Marsh just as the sun rose and again the images are more or less in reverse order. It was generally very quiet on the marsh apart from all the usual suspects but the ducks appeared to be particularly nervous and kept their distance – unusual. A Great Black Backed Gull made an appearance and then the wildfowl were spooked by something but I didn't see what – but it led to the air filling with wheeling wildfowl before eventually settling back down on the water.

While most are Wigeon, I find it fun to see what else you can spot (sad eh!)Teal, Shoveler... Because the light was awful by this time the pics aren't very good, but the 'flatness' has its own merits and looks to me like it could be wallpaper of something... and one day I will get Hilda Ogden's three ducks on the wall! Thanks to Martin who turned up he spotted a distant Peregrine sat on one of the Pylons, I had missed it flying across the marsh but clearly what had put the wildfowl up.

As the sun rose above the horizon there was a very brief interlude where the sun shone almost horizontally across the marsh and I managed to sneak up on two Wigeon and managed the two decent photos.

Similarly one day I managed to sneak up on a Chas and Dave (rabbit) lit by the evening light. And I don't know if any of you have noticed but a big white thing appears in the evening sky from time to time – in this case I was looking for and found Jupiter – which I couldn't photograph so made do with this evening picture.

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Martin Jump said...

Geoff some great images on this post it's good to see images taken locally.Love the wigeon beautiful light makes all the difference.