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Monday, 7 November 2011

Gold and Gold

the heady day that was summer... 
golden prarie...?

misty mornings return

although you can't see too well when the Pink Footed Geese start arriving...
winter will be soon upon us

Preston City Centre... home of the Black Redstart and Peregrine falcons!

I awoke to a pretty chilly morning – a sign of things to come (winter).

All my attempts at capturing Goldfinch on camera, have on the whole failed miserably, normally the black eye disappearing into the black around it without any definition; however I recently concentrated on the subject and with the sun out and behind me for once I managed a few photos so bashed 'em out on here. The few 'action' images are a bit blurred, but I felt captured the movements sufficiently well to include them.

And for my antipodean chums and those from not around these 'ere parts a couple of images of the area where I do some of my birding... and a couple that remind me of that week that was summer... those golden ears of wheat.

I have often wondered about the bright colour on Goldfinch, but I think I commented on an early post, while watching Goldfinch feed on roadside dandelion, they soon disappear into the background. I also recall wandering around a certain capital town of a Mediterranean island and hearing Goldfinch sing... kept in cages outside people's apartment windows.


Christian said...

Excellent action shots Geoff and they are not easy to get - I've tried! I especially like the 4th shot - cracking movement.

Martin Jump said...

Geoff you've certainly got the eye contact with these little beauties,great light as well.

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. These are fabulous..Great series of the goldfinch,particularly the blurry action shot. Like very much your selection from our wonderful part of the world.Keep up the good work.