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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Grey Phalarope at Fairhaven FOUR!

Sorry if it is the same subject again, but I think you will see why... the changing conditions produced different results and capturing 'the spirit' of the bird and it's natural behaviour resulted in much endeavour. There are two photographs of the bird taking 'evasive action' from a passing Sparrowhawk, not sure I've seen this anywhere else... I"m sure you will figure out which two images.


Martin Jump said...

The best yet Geoff every one a winner in my book,7 and 8 truly amazing.Reward for all the hours.

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff.This must have been one of the most photographed birds for a long time!!! You have got more great images here especially the reactions to the sparrow hawk. What a treat it was to see and photograph this fabulous bird. No doubt see you again when the next star bird turns up.

Christian said...

Hi Geoff

I do like the 'evasive' action shots! Like the hawk couldn't see that - yeah right. You've taken some lovely shots here. Fourth from bottom is my favourite due to the serenity of the bird.

Geoff Gradwell said...

Hi Christian, the 'evasive action' was a bit odd... I can only assume because it spends most it's time at sea it has nowehere to hide and thinking about it, by sticking it's backside in the air, if it gets whacked by a big gull or a hawk it may only lose tail feathers as opposed to its head! ... I see a PHd coming on for somebody!