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Friday, 30 September 2011

Black tern at Fairhaven – Purple patch!

I mentioned in my last posting that sometimes – everything is far from perfect, while here is that example. While looking for the Yellow Wagtails I managed to spot this juvenile Black Tern feeding on an evening hatch over the lake, only there was no light for photography as you can see. However, fortunately Paul Slade was on hand the following day and I include two of his photos (thanks Paul) of what my photos should look like. You'll find more of Paul's photos here.

You may wonder why I bother posting this... so do I really – however, Fairhaven has become a bit of a stomping ground for me over recent years, for a number of reasons I wont bother you with – but in five days I managed Yellow Wagtail, Black Tern and Grey Phalarope – all personal firsts for me. Three Firsts in five days! AT FAIRHAVEN LAKE! I think that says it all, even if there are lousy photos... now THAT is worth a post! (Black tern 08/09, Yellow Wagtail 13/09, Grey Phalarope 13/09)

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