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Monday, 22 August 2011

In search of the Common Blue...

Things haven't quite worked out as intended... but that seems par for the course at the moment, so I ended up on a spare piece of land at Knott End, I say Knott End because I'm not sure where Knott End starts and finishes or where Preesall begins. Either way it is a piece of land that use be called the 'Carrot Field' for obvious reasons but is now part new housing, the rest not yet developed.

Last year I had come across a Common Blue on the promenade embankment and went looking for some more this year only to draw a blank... except at what is left of the Carrot Field embankment. At first sight there is nothing to be seen. But perseverance and checking on the wind direction and first one then two appear before you. I rattled off a number of shots but the proximity and lack of depth of field meant most are out of focus – so here's a few that aren't quite so bad. Common Blue, Meadow Brown, Field Grasshopper and Small Copper. If you look carefully I may have caught two Common Blue in the Act of breeding... unless something else going on?

Over the embankment on the foreshore were a number of Gulls, just a bit too far away and not my strong point! There were a number of Knot, Dunlin and Grey Plover. I have to confess I did not spot at the time, but hiding within were two Sandwich Terns... at least one of them is a Sandwich, the other I'm not sure about. So what's new!

And apologies if the site is taking a while to upload.. I have no idea why! (Photos 14 August)


Christian said...

Hi Geoff

I absolutely love the Grasshopper images, very sharp and nice backgrounds.


Friend of HK said...

The butterfly images are beautiful!

Geoff Gradwell said...

Thank you.

You do look a plonker kneeling/rolling about in the grass to get the right angle! some very strange looks by anyone passing! (and a few comments).

You = me! (as in one).

( the last time 'one chased' Grasshoppers one thinks one was about nine years old and we were on holiday in Devon... an awful long time ago) :–)