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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Twite and Rock Pipit (?)

Another freezing cold day and on the way over to Knott End I came across the resident Kestrel at Carr House Green Common and Pink Footed Geese were in the air over Pilling Moss going east.

Early doors, as so often, the sun was up under the cloud cover but this sunlight soon disappeared for the day to become overcast, grey and dank... not a day to be out, other than to clear the cobwebs. On the beach there were the customary Gulls, Redshank, Knot, Shelduck while down at the Jetty a number of Eider, five male and 2 female and a small flock of 6 Turnstone. By the building site at the rear of the Bourne Arms a Pied Wagtail and what I am reliably informed is a Rock Pipit... I would appreciate your thoughts. I am no expert on Pipits (nor birds) but the long rear claw on this has me wondering and it doesn't look 'grubby' enough... but what do I know. So don't it as gospel, make your own mind up. Back along the esplanade and with considerable care I managed to get close enough to a small flock of Twite as you can see.

Behind the library I came across a Mistle Thrush, while at Bradshaw Lane nine Red-Legged Partridge and at Eagland Hill a small number of Pink-Footed Geese were in one of the fields, but there was no light, grey and overcast and all I could manage were record shots.


Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. Like the twite...Great shots.

trapper 63 said...

Thanks Brian, for once right place with some decent light... it was a bit brass as I recall and had to stand around for quite a while as one does... but my hands were barely working by then! Worth it in the end and I think led to others getting much better images than these.

Do you have any thoughts on the 'Rock Pipit'?