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Monday, 1 February 2010


A quiet day but fortunate to have a garden visitor in the shape of a female bullfinch. They have been visitors at the end of the summer, in fact mum, dad and junior have been calling in to see us, but for a cold February morning, a rewarding sight. Shy birds that don't 'hang about' and are away at the slightest disturbance. The garden is as wildlife friendly as I can go with my limited knowledge and ability and this female popped in to fed on the seeds left on the Honeysuckle. No excuses for the rear view... how often do you see the perfect view of a bird, seeing them from 'obscure' angles can help with identification. I certainly need to learn a great deal more and recognise the 'nuances', like the white rump on this female. I was also quite pleased to see a Starling and a pair of greenfinch.

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