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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Testing Times

Not been very far and so I have been doing some photographic tests in the meantime... how readily we overlook what are 'common' birds etc... anyway here are a few. I'm also not sure of the size and resolution to post, so possible further repetition I am afraid. Furthermore the variation of plumage in each species has always intrigued me and if it is possible to identify individuals by plummage. Obviously sometimes certain birds have distinct characteristics, but as yet I have yet to identify such an individual. While not taking much notice of Collared Doves, those I have taken an interest in do seem to suffer with scaly leg and I wonder how widespread or if any research is being undertaken... something else to look into when its raining! Click on any image to enlarge

click on any image to enlarge

I had to include this... wide aperture and a fast speed?

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