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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Underneath the... cherry tree

A visit to the Ribble Ribble to spot a Kingfisher I'd been informed of proved fruitless, but as I got back in the car, this little fella (above) dropped onto my jeans! I can tell you what it is or you can guess or leave a comment (no prizes)... I liked him/her.

Some time ago, I know not when, I found a seedling in the gravel on the drive... and now it is a 20 foot cherry tree in the garden that fruited quite well last year, much appreciated by the birds. It has become a landing stage for many a visitor...

While below...

and ten days later... but is it the same bird?

another Tortoishell butterfly on lions teeth

While over at Lytham I dropped upon a small group of Turnstones  – I love these small engaging birds, there is just something about them; probably their plumage but also I think it is their behaviour, somewhat confiding nature and so easily over-looked.

No idea what is going on with this layout.... but just given up, so it will have to do as it is. 

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