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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Starlings by the thousands

On the way to Knott End, I couldn't miss this lot and wasn't going to give up the opportunity to stop, watch and listen.

Starlings are and have been one of my favourite birds since I found a dead one and drew it, sometime around when England won the World Cup.... at football! (I was very young at the time... and gifted, but seem to have grown out of that!).

There was a raptor appeared very briefly and I didn't get chance to even identify it, came in low behind some trees, did a 180 and went back the same way, looked like it was 'coursing' at about fifteen feet above the ground; possibly a Marsh Harrier or more likely a Short Eared Owl as it was dusk; either way the Starlings didn't like it!

Go on catch me if you can...

The Lookout
Towards Blackpool

Pink Footed Geese on the way to Morecambe Bay at Pilling

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