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Thursday, 23 July 2009

It's a family affair

Common Terns at Preston Docks

Down at Preston Docks, Common Terns appeared and a pair began nesting on the floating concrete platforms used for the boats, only in this instance there aren't any. Travellers from West Africa, not only did they nest and breed, but raised two young. Dad seemed to do most of the fishing, not only for the youngsters, but feeding the Mrs is an important part of maintaining the relationship. Needless to say there is always an opportunist and and interloper appeared looking for a free meal. I'm surprised there wasn't a black eye! I wondered at the time if it was 'family'.

That's mum with the two juveniles and evidence of how the delay in hatching favours the elder in times of food shortage perhaps, one being a bundle of fluff while the other is nearly in flight mode.

In 2010 the same pair have returned and raised three young. They also have a number of friends with them and more nests are presently occupied.
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