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Monday, 10 May 2010

Dan de lion and Goldfinch

Another early visit in poor light.

A male Chaffinch, a pair of Blue tits, two or three Goldfinch, a Whitethroat, a pair of Linnet, a pair of Gadwall, a pair of Shelduck, 27 odd Herring Gulls of various ages, Coot and Moorhen, a Mute Swan on a nest and a Mallard with 11 young. They looked they had only just hatched and she was walking them across the field to the water, so the nest must have been well hidden, and just in time with those marauding gulls about.

One or two Goldfinches were feeding on dandelions in the roadside verge, see photos. You can see the yellow nectar on the crown of the bird. The bright yellow on Goldfinch has always been a wonder, yet when feeding on the ground on dandelion, the perfect camouflage.

Later that day, over at St Annes a Dunnock popped up as I was parking the car at the tax office! The Whitethroat pic is only so you know, I know what one looks like and it was still about on the way home later in the afternoon!

Hghi in the sky, I thought there was a Swift but on closer(!) inspection it wasn't a Swift. A couple of brief snaps at considerable distance, and not big enough for a Peregrine I am leaning towards a probable Hobby. What do you think? (see below)

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