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Monday, 17 May 2010

On t'marsh again Godwit and co

Another early start in the marsh to see if anything was about. Nottalot!

Two Godwits, a pair of Redshank, a male Gadwall, Little Grebe while the Coot were looking after the family, each parent appearing to take two young to feed and look after. Bad tempered at the best of times and territorial Coot can get a bit 'stroppy' and fights frequently break out – with anyone who gets too close. An Oystercatcher looking for worms and in the hedgerow a Linnet and a Whitethroat. Overhead Canada Geese and the every present Shelduck. I included the Godwit on the bank as seeing the bird against the dry mud makes you realise why their plummage is as it is, not always easy to pick out at distance.

Later that day a sedge warbler was giving me the runaround at Carr House Common singing from deep within the reeds and dry grasses. A reed bunting sat up in a tree singing while at Brock Bottom a Nuthatch appeared adjacent to the car park on the feeders.

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