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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What a grey day

said Larry, for those that remember

Grey Wagtail, enough said except, I was trying to get a reasonable reflection – which had me wondering... do they see their own reflection?

We know Blue Tits and Blackbirds and others often go beserk at their own reflection in a car wing mirror, primarily around breeding time, so I wonder if birds see their reflection in water at other times.

And nearly another car crash as I slammed on the brakes, as it was windy and wet just for a change when I came across three friends (or relations) sat on fenceposts out of the corner of my eye – trapper result!


cliff said...

That Barn owl shot's a bit special Gradders, marvellous!!!

Martin Jump said...

Cliffs right about the barn owl image Geoff,I'm sure I have seen that grey wagtails rump before.mj

Brian Rafferty said...

Wonderful stuff Geoff..The yellow bum is great and the barn owls are very special.

Christian said...

It's an amazing sight, Geoff. Three wild owls in one frame!