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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Slavonian Grebe revisited

My previous visits to Fairhaven had been under sullen, grey, miserable, 'orrible dark grey skies and while bird watching and the company was welcome and enjoyable, photography was not really an option... you have seen the previous results. Here's the scenario...

For those that know the area, that is the lake, looking towards the 'baggin cabin' on the car park
at the south east corner of the lake and the toilet block with the White Church in the background!
That's 'horizontal rain' on a strong wind creating the lack of definition, battering the water!

So when the skies broke, a little blue sky and decent light, I returned briefly on Thursday 13 October.

and fare thee well

the local resident male Mute Swn was not too impressed with the arrival of a newcomer....

'ave it

...come back if you think you're 'ard enough

the victor... all peace and light... or wolf in a swan's disguise?

Mediterranean Gull (1st winter)
As you can see, the Slavonian Grebe was pretty mobile and I was fortunate for once to get the light behind me (no pantomine jokes, thank you); and came pretty close at times.

The local resident Mute Swan took exception to a new visitor before some sort of serenity appeared to return. It is amazing how vicious Mute Swans can be and many moons ago, I watched a real barney at Newton Marsh for over an hour but had to leave while they were still at it; see this link.

It is, as always, while studying the subject worth keeping your eyes open, as once again I picked up this Mediterranean Gull – another first for me (at Fairhaven again!).

(if you are wondering why so many 'firsts' – I haven't been at this birding too long and don't get out much).


Martin Jump said...

Geoff. If at first you don't succeed try,try try again.Thats what you have done and it's paid of again with some wonderful images,and another large tick with the Med Gull. Hope to see you soon on my travels.

Christian said...

Brilliant action shots of the fighting swans Geoff. What a marvelous spectacle.

Brian Rafferty said...

Geoff. Worth waiting for better weather..These are really excellent images.My fave is the one having a scratch with that wonderful big foot !!! Good to see you at Leighton Moss and no doubt bump into you again.