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Thursday, 30 December 2010

That was 2010 that was, Part 2

I thought this was going to be one line on each month.... not quite turning out that way!

In early March I spent days and hours looking for and photographing a Barn Owl that I knew was about, photographed a number of mad March Hares a pair of mating/breeding Kestrels, a pair of Gadwall on Newton Marsh that were 'timid' and stayed well out of the way, while large numbers of Wigeon were also present and caught up with some Whooper Swan near Warton. Two pair of Mute Swan became territorial and I watched a pair for over an hour in serious combat. While down at Lytham a tyre washed up on the beach. The Ring-necked Parakeets were still around at Lytham Crematorium. Grey Partridge were seen at one location. Fieldfare were still around and I came across a single bird, all alone feeding on Lancaster Road.

I called in at Bradshaw Lane a few times and I am fairly sure a Merlin (reinforced from my poor record photos) was on site using the dyle and ditches as an ambush strategy. A raptor pursued a Skylark high into the sky. Goldeneye were at Pilling but I was there at the wrong time and only record photos.

Hundreds of Pink-footed Geese filled the sky at Pilling while the sun set over the wind farm off Fleetwood... and I'm only at the start of March 2010!

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