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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Local Fylde Stonechats

On the road to Oxford via Knott End!
Yep, I was on my way to Oxfordshire (ended up at Otmor and a Black Redstart!... more later) but had to call at Knott End first. I was driving up Lancaster Road on Pilling Moss, very very slowly and well, simply fell upon a pair of Stonechats. I was up and down like a.. well you know the expression, they weren't going to sit still for long, so I was in D and R but didn't hassle these terrific birds. Sadly I couldn't get that killing photo, never quite close enough and always something in the way.
There were nine Red-Legged Partridge in one of the fields and the sky full of Pink Footed Geese going south. The Stonechats were a first for me on the Fylde. Then it was a blast down the motorway and a Black Redstart. Excellent! (Oh and more Stonechats at Otmor... I missed out on a Juvenile Pink Starling!)

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